Our suppliers

And why we work with them

Ixel Marine – Fendress
A market leader in fender covers with a wide range of additional products which complement our business.

Under new ownership, Ixel Marine has a very positive management team with Christophe and Elie supported by a great workforce who are looking to work with us to help us grow our business.

We like working with people who want to work with and support us and what is there not to like about a factory visit to the South of France😊

These guys are just a great family business based in Stuttgart producing top quality fabrics. The fender cover side of the business is run by Linda and her father Fritz is always designing new products and is full of fresh ideas. Mum Ilona, as all good mums do, keeps everyone’s feet firmly on the ground😊

The whole family is passionate about their business and passionate about sailing – why wouldn’t you want to work with people like this?

Defenda Fender
 An established business with some great and innovative products. Based in Lymington on the Solent we have worked closely together for a number of years.

As an ex superyacht skipper, Simon is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sailing. He has the same business values as us, is keen to help us develop our business and apart from being a scholar and a gentleman, he is an all round good egg😊

Based in Austria with some great quality products and ideas. Kurt is absolutely passionate about everything he does. His business his products and sailing. He is one of the nicest human beings you could ever hope to meet.

He is also without a doubt completely bonkers – what other reasons do you need to want to work with him😊

+44 (0)1983 210493