There are some great reasons for choosing a neoprene fender cover for your inflatable fenders:

  • They fit the fender like a skin
  • They look smart
  • They do not stretch when wet
  • They are soft enough not to damage paintwork
  • They are durable like a wetsuit
  • They have good UV resistance like a wetsuit
  • They easily shed grit and salt crystals

Neoprene fender covers for large inflatable fenders – think wetsuits for fenders.

Neoprene Fender Covers Fenderskin

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Traditional knitted fender covers are susceptible to water absorption, stretching and can trap grit or salt crystals against the hull. We undertook extensive research and testing to develop our FENDASKIN - a tailored Neoprene fender cover, with a soft but durable surface.

A FENDASKIN will not lose its shape or absorb water and their smooth skin easily sheds grit and salt crystals. Advanced seam technology enables a fully reversible construction, extending the useable life of the cover.

If you require a size not listed above, please enquire, as we are continually expanding the range.

Colour choice – nice and simple – black😊

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