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Fender Covers Zak Marine Flexprotector

Top quality fender covers designed and made in Austria.

We chose these fender covers because they use exclusive materials with elegant styling. High quality and highest colour-fastness & UV-resistance are key elements of these fender covers. They come with a Lifetime warranty on colour- and UV resistance!!

 They have taken away the complexity of measuring your boat fender correctly to get the right fender cover.

One Size of Flexprotector fits all – OK its 2 sizes – L or XL!!!

FlexProtector fender covers universally fit fender sizes of 15 - 30 cm diameter and 55 - 90 cm height.

(Attention: fender length doesn't equal cover length.)

They are extremely versatile with the stretchable fabric allowing a perfect fit for all common fender sizes.

They are very practical with no annoying measurements of fender dimensions. The elasticity of the multiple coated, stretchable yarn, fits your boat fenders like a second skin.

To fasten the FlexProtector fender covers, there are integrated ribbon straps on top and bottom.

Their colour and UV resistance makes adding more FlexProtector fender covers or replacing lost fender covers really simple. The new Zakmarine fender covers will have the same colour as the old ones.

Colour choice – again really simple – Navy blue😊

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