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Every Fendress fender cover is woven, cut and shaped with strict quality control utilising the latest modern equipment and technology.

  • 100% acrylic, UV8
  • Elastic UV resistant
  • Hand finished
  • Machine washable
  • Without any over sew up to 26 inches
  • Available in 16 colours
  • Available for all sizes and shapes (special sizes on demand)

Personalise your fender covers

We can personalise your fender covers by embroidering your boat name or logo on to the cover.

The price for embroidery is per name/logo and in some cases there may be a one off embroidery set up charge.

Available at our online store:

These are the standard fender cover woven from an acrylic yarn. The yarn is dyed and treated for UV protection and is then woven on large knitting machines into long tubes of varying diameters, similar to a sock – hence the description fender sock.

These tubes are then cut to size, shaped at the top to fit over the rope eye on a boat fender with either elastic or a draw string at the bottom to produce a nice fitting fender cover.

Smaller fender covers are made to a single thickness and large fender covers normally to fit F4 and upwards are made to a double thickness.

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